Gatwick College of  Business and Technology is an accredited OTHM UK center to offer OTHM qualifications in Sri Lanka. Center Number DC2211729

OTHM is a UK based Awarding Organisation (Certification Body) approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) in England.

Quality, Standards and Recognitions

  • Approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation)

  • Full Member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB)

  • Academic Partnerships and Recognitions: OTHM has established strong academic relationships in the UK and overseas to ensure that OTHM qualifications are recognised globally.




Continued professional development, or CPD for short, is the term used to describe the supplementary learning that professionals undertake. Usually, CPD helps to augment and enhance their abilities in the workplace. However, it encompasses much more than simply learning. 

CPD accredited courses are becoming popular and preferred qualifications among the employers, to ensure that students or trainees are professionally trained or taught for the work environment. The CPD accreditation also ensures that the quality of the teaching and materials are up to the industry standards of the selected field.

The Gatwick College of Business and Technology is an obtained institutional accreditation from The CPD UK, this ensures that our students are professionally ready for the career and will continue their learning process even after completion of the course or while they work. The CPD UK is one of the largest internationally recognized CPD accreditation bodies based in London and has accredited 3,200+ educational institutions from 37+ countries.

Gatwick College of Business and Technology is officially accredited by The CPD UK, to ensure that our college policies and procedures hold all the fundamental elements that meet the CPD International standards. The accreditation and compliance team of The CPD is made up of a wealth of industry experts. They replicate the journey of the learners, mapping the course materials from start to finish. The graduate of Gatwick College to transfer the CPD accredited courses to more advanced level executive-level courses or to use for continuous professional development hours required by the professional bodies.


Our Gatwick Family members

Gatwick International School is one of the fastest-growing international schools in Kandy. The campus is situated in Kings Court, Kandy. The school curriculum is based on Edexcel and Cambridge. The school is popularly known for its quality of education. The teacher training diploma students get their internship at GIS under the supervision of 30 years of experienced teacher trainers.


Kids Campus is one of the group members of the Gatwick Education group. There are more than 120 students are study at Kids Campus, Kandy. Kids Campus has become a household name in Kandy for Pre-school. There are many Early Childhood diploma trainees are going are being trained at Kids Campus