A 10-week course that gives you the English language skills you need for academic purposes. It will improve your academic reading and writing as well as your ability to critically analyse material and problem-solving.

Course Description

The Certificate in English for Academic Purposes is a level 2, 10 -credit course designed to help you develop the academic English skills required in order to study within higher education. It aims to build on your existing levels of reading and writing to provide you with sufficient skills to engage confidently and assertively with undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Why should I take this English course?

This course will introduce you to the transferable English skills, knowledge and terminologies required to study at a higher education level while providing you with the opportunity to progress on to courses that require a higher level of English.It bridges the gap for any students who do not currently hold a suitable level or traditional entry qualification in English to access higher education. It is also ideal for those who may already have a range of qualifications or experience but not previously studied at university level. This course provides you with an opportunity to learn Academic English at level 2 as required in university settings, while introducing academic study skills that will help you with future higher educational (HE) courses.You may also be looking to refresh your English skills as part of your continuing professional development (CPD) or to enhance your career employability and writing skills.

Course Modules

– Academic reading
– Paraphrasing and summarising
– Vocabulary building
– Punctuation in Academic writing
– Sentence and paragraph structure
– Academic writing skills
– Public speaking
– Avoiding plagiarism

Course Duration : 10 weeks

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