Diploma in FinTech

Financial Technology (FinTech) refers to the rapidly growing application of technology and innovation to traditional banking and financial transactions.

The Financial Technology diploma provides cutting-edge training on FinTech application areas such as basic retail banking, payments systems, financial management, commercial and corporate banking, investment banking and capital markets, and even digital currencies.

This program will be of interest to individuals who have previous education or experience in finance, business, information technology, cyber security or related areas. Topics covered include big data; legal and ethical issues in information technology; the intersection of technology and commerce; the associated implications for competitive dynamics, social policies and regulatory frameworks; blockchain technology in the banking and financial service industries; and the latest trends and technologies in FinTech including artificial intelligence.

Duration : 3 Months (37 Hours)

Mode of Study: Online


Upon successful completion of the online Financial Technology diploma program, students will obtain a Diploma from the London School of Business and Social Sciences UK.

Career Path

This new program will enable students to gain an understanding of the emerging technologies and applications that are redefining traditional financial markets. Developments in this field have a profound impact on almost all areas of commerce, financial management and economic and monetary policies.

Graduates may find positions in a variety of careers such as:

  • banking and lending
  • wealth management advising
  • mutual funds
  • insurance
  • financial analysis
  • technology
  • data analysis and management
  • accounting

Course Detail

Students will complete the following major modules

Introduction to Financial Technology Blockchain: Origins and Applications Artificial Intelligence in Finance Innovative Financial Systems Digital Transformation Digital Currencies Security and fraud prevention


Detail Chapters to be covered in the syllabus

  1. The Future of AI in finance
  2. What Is AI and Its uses
  3. Blockchain Technology Overview
  4. Blockchain Technology Pros and Cons
  5. Blockchain Types and Classifications
  6. Ethics and Bias of Artificial Intelligence
  7. Artificial Intelligence Opportunities and Challenges
  8. Artificial Intelligence and the Payments Revolution
  9. Artificial Intelligence in Lending
  10. Frictionless Payments
  11. The Tech Underpinning FinTech
  12. Developing an API strategy
  13. Banks and the Digital Transformation
  14. Banks and FinTech Impact
  15. The Concept of Open Source
  16. The Pros of Open Source
  17. The Cons of Open Source
  18. Importance of Regulation
  19. Role of Digital Currencies in Financial Systems
  20. Security and Fraud Prevention