When you choose to become a Preschool Teacher, you dedicate your professional life to helping our most precious resources grow into responsible, competent learners. Teaching one child, let alone a whole classroom of young learners, is no simple task.

​The quality and standards of care, development and learning are determined by the quality of training received by early childhood teachers.  Teachers with specialised training in child development are able to create a warm and conducive learning environment to develop children’s social and emotional competencies and nurture their love for learning. 

This course mostly deals with caring, facilitating and teaching kids within an age group of 0 to 6 years. Our Early Years Care and Education programs can be taken up by teachers, care givers catering to the infant age group and new mothers. This course has been designed scientifically with a special emphasis on the various stages of Child Development focusing simultaneously on both their physical and emotional growth. After the successful completion of any of our Early Years Care and Education online courses.

For Whom

This course is suitable for anyone who wanted to become a professional primary or preschool teacher and the teachers who are seeking internationally recognized qualifications in the field.

Who is the instructor(s)

The course is designed and a well-qualified teacher trainer from Sri Lanka with international exposure over 20 years of experience in training preschool and primary schools.

Duration – The course is 4 Months

Mode of learning – The course is taught 100% online.

Course Fee – Rs. 40,000

Award of Certificate

All successful trainees will be receiving the certificate from the London School of Business and Social Sciences UK Ltd, “Diploma in Teacher Training and Early Childhood Learning Methodology”

Course Contents

  • Child Psychology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Language Skills
  • Mathematical Concepts
  • Art and Craft
  • Personality Development
  • The integrated Approach