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Professional Courses

Gatwick College is conducting professional courses in marketing, accounting and project.


English Academy

Gatwick College English Academy is offering courses for students, executives, academics, professionals, and many more.


Executive Education

Gatwick College delivers a number of executive education courses in economics, finance, management, marketing, etc



All of the British academic courses offered by Gatwick College are Ofqual approved, will accept the credits.

Mission Statement

The Gatwick College of Business & Technology educates tomorrow’s leaders to make a positive contribution to the community and prepares them for success in the evolving and complex global business environment by nurturing ethical reasoning skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, data and technology literacy, and global perspectives through student-focused teaching, experiential learning and impactful research.

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Conversational English

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Corporate English

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Supply Chain Management

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Corporate Finance

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Digital Marketing

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About us

The Gatwick College of Business & Technology is Kandy based educational institution providing academic and professional courses. The college is conveniently located at the heart of Kandy town accessible by public transport easily. The college is affiliated with UK professional bodies such ACCA and academic institutions to provide both internationally reconized professional and academic qualifications.

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Why Study Here


One of the Best College In Kandy

  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff.
  • Strong focus on applied learning and preparing the student for job market. Most of our courses are for working professionals.
  • We are conveniently located in centre of Kandy city accessible by public transport.
  • Modern air-conditioned building with good facilities.
  • We provide GCBT ambassador program in which students need to complete certain number hours in personality development program.

Our Partners

london school of business and social sciences


London (UK) based international academic institution offering academic, professional and executive education via online and on campus.

geneva school of business and economics

GSBE – Switzerland

GSBE is popular academic institutions in Geneva, Switzerland offering courses business, finance and economics.


IIBE is a Fujairah (UAE) based academic institution offering courses from certificate level till bachelor’s degree. GCBT is partnered with IIBE offer course.

What Our Students say – Google Review

“Great experience and learning in Gatwick College. Excellent course delivery by Mr Zamreen Zarook as he is well-experienced lecturer. And the Gatwick college team was coordinating in the best. Good Luck for the future”

Sithari  Ranawaka.

“Definitely, it was a great experience studying in Gatwick College. I did a Diploma in Psychology and the course was beyond expectations. Special thanks to my tutor; Mr.Zamreen Zarook for his motivation and teaching. The payments were honestly affordable and reasonable. Everything was amazing”

Wafa Faroon

“I have been learning Dip in Psychology and it has been a great experience. Our Lecturer Mr Zamreen Zarook did an incredible lecturing. He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities. It’s been a great opportunity.”

Kiruba Kirishna

“It was really a great time at Gatwick college of business and technology. The college was an excellent key for my day to day challenging life and work operations.   Our lecturer Mr.Zameeran Zarook was very friendly and the teaching method is very easily understood for each and everyone and useful to apply each day’s life very well in this challenging world.  The program that I completed diploma in psychology was very interesting and important to apply each and every humans life.This is the place I understood myself.  Overall the college and lecturer plays a good role in this programme and I wish the college and lecturer to reach greater heights in coming years. ”
Junior executive

“By luck I did get to enroll to the diploma of psychology lecturing by Sir Zamrin Zarook, at Gatwick College. This College and the Lecturer did help me to enhance my knowledge and experience in the field of psychology, to which I am grateful for. Not in least to mention, but I am now able to build the foundation for my career.”

Sadhiya Fazal

“Gatwick college is the best place to get higher education and also we have a very good opportunity to learn from home . The lecturer Zamreen Zarook is amazing the way of his teaching is the best.. I did many courses on Foundation and now I am doing diploma in teacher training and diploma in psychology”

Razeen H.

“I completed my diploma in psychology in Gatwick college I absolutely enjoyed taking this course! Professor zamreen did an incredible job explaining the course material and providing additional reading materials to further my knowledge throughout this course”

Suresh Shanthakumari

“Gatwick college is one of the best college in the town. I completed my diploma in psychology here.The fee for the whole course was reasonable. The lecturer Mr.Zamrin was very kind and extremely well planned with engaging materials.I am grateful to have undergone this course.I highly recommend this place for anyone who is willing to develop their skills and gain maximum success.”

Zainab Rafeek.