About Us

Gatwick College of Business and Technology (GCBT)

The Gatwick College of Business & Technology is Kandy based educational institution providing academic and professional courses. The college is conveniently located at the heart of Kandy City, Sri Lanka accessible by public transport easily. The college is affiliated with UK professional bodies such ACCA and academic institutions to provide both internationally reconized professional and academic qualifications.


To deliver value-added quality education to aspiring students, meeting rigorous requirements of the changing technology, industry, business and society as a whole.


The Gatwick College of Business & Technology educates tomorrow’s leaders to make a positive contribution to the community and prepares them for success in the evolving and complex global business environment by nurturing ethical reasoning skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, data and technology literacy, and global perspectives through student-focused teaching, experiential learning and impactful research.

Why choose the Gatwick College of Business & Technology?

  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff.
  • Strong focus on applied learning and preparing the student for job market. Most of our courses are for working professionals.
  • We are conveniently located in centre of Kandy city accessible by public transport.
  • Modern air-conditioned building with good facilities.
  • We provide GCBT ambassador program in which students need to complete certain number hours in personality development program.

Our learning community includes:

  • Full-time and part-time teaching staff and professionally qualified trainers.
  • Traditional and non-traditional diploma, undergraduate and graduate business students and professional course students
  • Working adults studying to obtain professional qualifications, undergraduate and graduate business degrees

What We Value

  • Strive to develop individuals who will act ethically and responsibly
  • Stress the primacy of teaching as the focus of our work
  • Value active, engaging, and personalized learning experiences in and outside of the classroom
  • Believe personal attention fosters the growth and development of our students
  • Find strength in the rich diversity of the human family and invite participation in our community by persons of varied races, faith traditions, ethnic backgrounds, and diverse opinions and beliefs
  • Value academic excellence in all of our programs