Executive Education

Corporate Finance

Advanced Certificate in Corporate Finance course introduces basic principles of finance, tools and techniques for short-term and long-term decision making. Throughout the course, the students will be guided to developing and implementing financial strategies and policies to chive the business goals.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able

  • Explain the role of the organisation’s financial managers to achieve organisational goals.
  • Describe and evaluate the sources of corporate finance and explain the merits and demerits of sources of corporate finance.
  • Appraise the risk profile of firms including estimation of cost of capital, debt and equity.
  • Understand how risk and the cost of capital impact on investment appraisal and explain how such factors affect the value of a capital project.
  • Approximate the organisation’s cost of capital and understand how this cost is impacted by taxation, “leverage” and other factors.
  • Assess the external and internal influences on a corporation’s capital structure, payout policy and policy in respect of risk management (via insurance, derivatives, and other instruments).
  • Explain how the corporation’s capital structure, payout policy and risk policy impact upon investment decisions.
  •  Develop skills Excel worksheet skill to solve financial mathematical problems.


All the successful students will be award a ” Professional Certificate in Corporate Finance” by the London School of Business and Social Sciences UK.

Target Audience

  • Business managers
  • SME owners
  • Executives
  • Finance executives
  • Managers of other departments such marketing, operations, and production
  • Whoever is interested in the topics of managerial finance.

Learning Materials

  • PDF files and Slides
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Real world case studies
  • Open discussion forum among the participants
  • Online tests

Course accreditation

This is an executive training course. The course is accredited for CPD UK and internally accepted CPD standards, guidance, and recommendation.

Course features

Students need to spend a total of 20 hours to complete. On average students complete within 3 weeks. The residential course is 5 days.
There are no prerequisites for this course. Students are expected to how good working knowledge of English as all the course materials will be in English.
Starting Date
Online course – anytime
Residential – Please check the training schedule for time and location
Online fee – Rs 15,000
Residential – Rs 15,000


  • Firm, goal and governance of the firm and finance

  • The financial market environment

  • Time Value of Money

  • Valuations of securities

  • Risk and return

  • Capital Marketing Techniques

  • Leverage and Capital structures

  • Working capital